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Vivid Salon Columbia Md Has 3 Ways To Winter Proof Your Hair

3 Easy Ways To Winter Proof Your Hair

Yes, you can keep your hair looking healthy and shiny even during the cold winter months. Besides getting regular trims, we’ve got three other ways to give your hair the extra care it needs.

Deep condition. Honestly, this is one step you can use for both deep winter and in the middle of summer. You can do this one at home with our great salon quality products. We recommend weekly.

If your hair is still dry and lifeless, come in for a salon deep conditioning treatment. It will help jump start at home treatments. You’ll love the results!

Keep brush bristles natural. Natural bristles are much gentler on your hair than plastic bristles. They will help maintain natural shine, and avoid snagging and tearing.

The same is true for ponytail elastics. Make sure you use covered elastic to avoid snapping and breaking your hair.

Tame frizzies. Lack of moisture in the air can cause hair to become flyaway. Go easy on the blow drying by using a cool setting to finish.

Remember to use a heat styling spray for more protection. Apply styling serums to prevent static and to add more shine to your hair.

It doesn’t really take any more time to keep winter hair looking great. It’s just that winter often makes it feel that way!

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