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Columbia Md Hair Beauty Salon / Tells The Truth About Why Your Shampoo Isn’t Working!

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The Truth About Why Your Shampoo Isn’t Working!

We’ve heard the problem many times. “My shampoo wears out on me. That’s why I switch around products.”

The truth is that hair does not get used to any product. But using the wrong product can cause disaster!

Here’s what really happens. If your shampoo has too many foaming agents, it causes your hair to dry out.

Flyaways and frizz are dead giveaways of this resulting problem.

If your hair feels weighted down and won’t do anything you want it to do, then it contains ingredients that simply coat your hair.

Instead of constantly switching around shampoos and wasting your hard earned money, we suggest you STOP THE MADNESS!

A good shampoo will not cause either of these pesky problems—no matter how many times you use it.

So what is a good quality shampoo?

  1. Sulfate-free to minimize dryness.
  2. No silicone to coat your hair.

Get more for your money, as well as stronger, healthier hair with quality you can trust—from us!

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