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Columbia Md Hair Salon / Vivid Salon Skin Tip Snack

Columbia Md Hair Salon / Vivid Salon Skin tip Snack

This Snacking Is Good For Your Skin

When you think of snacking, you probably think of junk food like pretzels and ice cream. But did you know that some snacking is actually good for your skin?

Eating every few hours is a good way to keep your blood glucose, or blood sugar, stable.

That means fewer breakouts, rashes and wrinkles. But what snacks help your skin? Those that contain fiber, protein and healthy fats.

Instead of opting for rice cakes or pretzels, which break down quickly in your body, choose nuts or hummus with a gluten-free cracker.

Strawberries with dark chocolate are also a sweet treat. But if the berries aren’t in season, just go for a small amount of the dark chocolate. Research shows that it helps us have smoother, moist skin. Plus, cocoa is high in antioxidants.

Nuts, which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, have the ability to diminish wrinkles! Choose walnuts, almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts. They are rich in omega 3’s and offer skin-plumping benefits, too.

Sweet potatoes are also rich in vitamins C and A.  Both are essential for healthy glowing skin. Choose sweet potato chips to help you get and keep great skin. The important thing here is to gradually move away from very processed snacks.

Initially, you might not feel as satisfied, but as your tastes change—and they will—you’ll find you eat less and look healthier!

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